How to Host Great Virtual Board Meetings?

virtual meeting

With the transition to the online format, there is a need to use tools with the functions of group chats, calls, and conferences. One of the most suitable for work and easy-to-use tools is boardroom software for virtual board meetings.

What is a board portal?

The boardroom is intended for the corporate governance bodies of joint-stock companies. The solution allows you to automate many procedures, in particular, holding meetings of the board of directors, notifying you about corporate events, maintaining registers, and absentee voting.

The system optimizes the processes of interaction between the corporate secretary, the chairman of the board of directors, and members of the board of directors at all stages. First of all – in the preparation and conduct of face-to-face and part-time, scheduled and unscheduled meetings. The members of the board of directors are informed about the agenda of the meetings, they are sent materials on the issues put to the vote, the date of the meeting is announced. It should be noted that the system has a very convenient presentation of the meeting calendar. In addition, you can configure a mechanism for automatic notification of upcoming events related to the activities of the organization.

In the system, it is possible to conduct in-person and absentee voting, the formation of a dissenting opinion. It allows you to speed up the processes of receiving and processing documents related to decision-making. For example, it generates minutes of the meeting, as well as documents to ensure the holding of the meeting. Moreover, it is possible to reuse templates of corporate documents: lists of user reports, standard charters, ballots for votes, etc.

Besides, the user can quickly find the information necessary for work: documents, reference data about employees, a list of organizations where the user is a member of the board of directors.

How to organize the efficient virtual board meeting?

Maximum success can be achieved through good training and a favorable atmosphere. The first thing to start with is planning. need:

  • select format;
  • determine the amount of information provided;
  • questions for discussion, the agenda;
  • venue;
  • the number of participants.

If we talk about the general rules of online events, we need to highlight the main stages of preparation:

  • Choice of a The topic of the webinar should be well known to the speaker. If a topical issue arises, it should be thoroughly studied before the broadcast.
  • Definition of the target audience. The topic may not be of interest to everyone, so you need to determine in advance for whom the webinar is being conducted. The style and presentation of the material depend on the target audience.
  • Preparation of material. Graphs, tables, records, photos, and videos will be needed to visualize the speaker’s ideas. It is important to consider the purpose of the meeting – acquaintance with the topic or in-depth study of some aspect.
  • Drawing up a plan. It is necessary to abstractly divide the webinar into sections and clearly follow a certain structure.
  • Creating a registration page. This is usually a landing, for which an advertising campaign is set up to attract the target audience.
  • Choosing a platform for broadcasting. iDeals, Diligent, Boardable, or highly specialized resources – depends on the topic and broadcast.

It should be mentioned, that the decision on where to organize a webinar is made by the latter. This is done in order to find the optimal functional platform. If you choose a resource or program in the first place, then all the other nuances will have to adjust to the capabilities of the service.